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          Trends in industrial automation of packaging machinery will cooperate

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            A, packaging industry present situation is analysed

            At present, China's packaging machinery industry has become one of the top ten machinery industry in our country, over the past 20 years, the packaging machinery industry has rapidly developed, however, China's packaging machinery exports less than 5% of the total output, imports and output value, see from here the most advanced machinery and equipment need to be imported, technical resources concentration, market consciousness, competition consciousness is not strong is urgently needed to change the status quo of packaging enterprises in our country.

            In packaging industry, it is still in a high-speed development stage, indeed the industry has a broad development prospects, in the high consumption, the fast pace of market environment, the "medical, food, environmental protection, green and fast..." These people focus on the hot word, it's change will bring about a curling, seemingly irrelevant to packaging industry, actual it is closely linked, in the market for packaging of consumer, make production enterprises must change, efforts to improve the technology content, the development of high-grade packaging equipment, get rid of the situation of generic, faster to keep up with the demand of The Times.

            The market is the competition, evolution is the impetus to the development of industry, trends in industrial automation of packaging machinery will cooperate, development of multi-function packaging equipment, high efficiency and low consumption.

            Second, the packing machinery intelligent automation

            In the face of many unfavorable factors, packaging enterprises to actively respond to, stand at a new starting point up to review and solve various contradictions and problems, change development philosophy, to strengthen the independent innovation, enhance the market awareness. Mechanical automation unmanned operation mode, enhance safety performance, improve the work efficiency.

            Automatic packing machine is the most development potential of a packaging machinery, at present there are liquid packaging machine, packaging machine variety paste packing machine, granule packing machine, powder packaging machine, etc. Can be used to complete the packaging process of packaging machinery was divided into 11 categories are: label machine, filling machine, sterilization machine, sealing machine, multi-function packaging machinery, washing machines, drying machines, filling machines, wrapping package machines, strapping machines and container machinery, auxiliary packaging machinery, etc.

            Italian fastening system as a comprehensive local fastener suppliers, products and services to different industries, including medical equipment, rail transportation, packaging machinery, entertainment equipment, telecommunications, military industry and so on, in a rapidly changing market environment, we always keep a learning mentality, continuous study and improvement. In the packaging industry, Italian and many excellent packaging machinery enterprises, such as Bosch packaging is a world famous packaging technology solutions provider, to provide packaging solutions for medical and food industry, product is simple to understand, flexible and varied functions, health standards, clean more easily, to do a better life of science and technology; In anhui is far packaging technology co., LTD. Is one of the large packaging machinery manufacturer in China, specialized in packaging solid material, such as; Anhui far hong machinery automation co., LTD., fully automatic packaging machine adopts PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface control system, easy operation, reliable work, stable performance. In the era of automation, mechanization and intelligent, Italian, keep up with The Times the pace of transformation and upgrading of domestic enterprises to provide innovative and effective fasteners solutions.

            Various and changeable market demand, only keep up with the development of The Times, in order to stand out in the fierce competition in the market, and in the market value of the machine, just also is the consumer feedback on the commodity packaging.

            Third, the wind of green packaging industry

            Green wind is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the concern of all mankind, it has penetrated into all fields, the packaging industry is no exception, traditional packaging machinery will have some poor performance, low production efficiency, the phenomenon such as waste is serious, so we need to adjust the product structure, noise reduction, energy and improve production efficiency, when the design from the structure of the equipment, materials used, manufacturing process, modular, removable, balanced life, man-machine engineering, availability, and so on several aspects to carry on the "green design".

            With the prosperity and development of China's commodity economy, the improvement of people's quality of life and consumption level, a large amount of waste the resource waste and environmental pollution caused by more and more enterprises realized it, grab from fountainhead, the environmental protection packaging materials is also changing, in general can be divided into repeat reuse and regeneration of packaging materials, edible packaging materials, degradable materials and paper materials. The emergence of new materials to packaging machinery enterprises from the raw material, design, manufacture, and the recycling use of the product, every link do reduction, source, efficient and harmless, realize the whole industry chain of environmental protection.

            As the Italian packaging machinery supporting suppliers fastening system, also want to energy conservation and environmental protection green development road, spokes handwheel, often can be used in the equipment level adjustment, hinge, with battery driven directly electronic position indicator, the adjustable handle, tubular handle knob, CAM type, etc., fasteners and equipment perfect cooperation, not only elegant appearance, and feel comfortable.

            In the process of operation are unsafe? E + G ERSP protection type safety handle designed for mechanical protection device or automation system design with double doors. Handle the special closed design, can provide protection for the operator's fingers. In addition, can improve the handle color panel can see degrees, and personalized product appearance provides the possibility for the customer.

            Installation space limited? Demanding the installation of the scene, let a person have a headache, and E + G designed.the GN 300.1 adjustable handle easily solve the problem, the handle is particularly suited to due to lack of space position, rotation Angle is restricted. Material selection AISI303 stainless steel with high corrosion resistance, in particular health, climate and environment conditions, or law enforcement requires the use of corrosion resistant materials in the department of all machinery and equipment can use the adjustable handle made of this material.

            Italian fastening systems ELESA + GANTER special performance products have been widely used, such as antibacterial protection (a kind of inorganic ceramic substrate mixture of silver ions, special high-tech polymer, can prevent the harmful organic residues); Special conductive antistatic effect (high-tech polymer transmission C electrostatic discharge (ESD) can prevent electrostatic discharge transfer between different potential body); Hold a safer sex (" SOFT "series of special occasions for use of the frequent need to tighten or greater stress, even in wet and dry, hot, cold, and grease the adverse environment, also can enhance the adhesion degree on the surface of the operation, and have the effect of adsorption tremor. Italian products fully embody the function of human body engineering, and equipment as a whole, improve their quality and value.

            2014 global sweep the low carbon environmental wind, packaging machinery more to one step ahead in the environmental protection concept, persist in and learn the advanced green environmental protection idea, and into the implementation of the production.

            The future packaging industry has huge development potential, such as food packaging machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, demand will continue to expand, although the obvious insufficiency in industry, science and technology in the weak, but we also see a lot of large enterprises is changing, the future of packaging machinery ", remains to be seen.

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